Worst Foods for Fibroids
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6 Worst Foods for Uterine Fibroids

As per Western Medicine, no one can say for sure what causes fibroids. But they are affected by excess estrogen hormone in your body, which makes them grow. So you need to know the foods that increases the risk of developing fibroids.

Doctors recommend diet modification aimed at reducing the intake of xenoestrogens, or environmental chemicals. They possess estrogenic activity that may fuel fibroid growth, such as bisphenol A in water bottles and canned foods. Also reduce the intake of foods such as conventionally raised no-norganic beef which contains growth hormones.

What you eat has huge impact on your overall well being and your diet is heavily impacted in the formation and subsequent growth of fibroids. Below I will share with you 6 worst foods for fibroids.

Worst Foods for Fibroids

These are the foods which are part of an anti-estrogen eating plan. The idea is to exclude these foods from your diet plan, which are likely to encourage estrogen production.  Avoiding these foods can reduce the size of fibroids, prevent further growths and reduce symptoms of fibroids.

1. Alcohol

Foods to avoid with Fibroids

Drinking excessive alcohol can increase inflammation throughout the body, weakens immune function and increases hormonal imbalances. Alcohol also interferes with the proper functioning of your liver & prevents it from efficiently breaking down hormones which can increase the risk of estrogen dominance.

By reducing your alcohol consumption, you can bring your hormonal balance and heal uterine fibroids faster.

2. Caffeine

Fibroids Diet

Caffeine when consumed in higher quantities can tax your liver. In such case lever won’t be able to perform at its optimum level to keep your hormones in check. Estrogen levels gets boosted if you drink more than two cups of coffee. This worsen conditions with a hormonal basis like fibroids.

Reduced consumption of alcohol and caffeine makes it easier for liver to detoxify your body and keep your hormones in proper, fibroid-discouraging balance. Caffeine laden beverages have high levels of methylanthins which, in turn, create a high level of bio-chemicals in your body which can develop fibroid.

3. Processed Meats

What not to eat when you have fibroids?

When it comes to fibroids, high-fat, processed meats are the worst food choices for you. Meats are usually high in unhealthy fats and it can increase inflammation levels and often contain chemical additives. (Think hamburgers and processed breakfast sausages.) Always opt for lean white meat in your diet for a protein source instead.

4. High Fat Dairy Products

Fibroids Diet

Fibroids tumors are fed by high fat dairy products because they are often high in added hormones. Women with fibroid are highly encourage to remove these products from their diet like whole milk, butter & cream. Always opt for organic hormone free products for your daily consumption.

5. Salt

Worst Foods for Fibroids

Salts can worsen the symptoms of fibroids especially during the menstrual cycle for women with fibroids. Lots of canned, frozen and fast foods contain high amounts of salts. Always read the food labels carefully before you buy and make sure not to add any additional salt to your food. You can try to use salt alternatives such as Lemons, Garlic, Herbs etc.

6. Refined Sugar & Carbohydrates

What not to eat when you have fibroids?

Refined sugar can reduce body’s immune function and increases pain. It can also lead to hormonal imbalance and weight gain, two factors that encourage fibroids development. Higher dietary glycemic index is associated with higher risk of fibroids in some women.

Refined Carbohydrates can greatly increase your insulin levels and disturbs your hormonal balance. Consumption of instant hot cereals and commercial breads which contains processed grains can cause a sharp rise in insulin. Refined carbohydrates don’t have good nutritional value and leads to negative health consequences as they are stripped of everything but starch.

Note: What you must understand is that although important, your diet is not the only factor in fibroid formation. Indeed, it is the subtle interaction of a number of other situations and conditions such as our lifestyles, levels of exercise, the amount of estrogen in our bodies, toxicity levels, exercise levels and hereditary factors which all have an influence.

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