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6 Fibroids Related Myths You Must Know

When it comes to fibroids there are several misinformation about it among women. One of the greatest myths associated with fibroids is that it leads to cancer. Good news is that more than 99% of the fibroids are non cancerous.

Women tend to get worried when they hear that they are diagnosed with fibroids. Their friends, family members and sometimes doctors also prime their reaction.

Fibroids are made up on benign muscular & fibrous tissue and are very common. Usually half of the women have them and most fibroids never cause any symptoms. Here are some common myths about uterine fibroids:

1. Fibroid tumors are can lead to Cancer

Uterine fibroids are always benign and less than 0.01% of them become cancerous. Simply having fibroids does not increase the chances of developing fibroids in women.

Fibroids are associated with an increase in the risk of endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the womb), but fibroids are not responsible for this issue. The factors which leads to the development of fibroids are also for the increase risk of endometrial cancer.

2. You can’t become pregnant if you have fibroids

Fibroids can sometime interfere with a woman’s ability to become pregnant. But in majority of the cases women with fibroids will never even know that they have fibroids. Depending upon the size and the location of fibroids, it may cause miscarriages or other obstetric complications.

If fibroids grown near fallopian tubes and cervix, it can block proper motility of sperm and egg through the uterus and tubes. Sometime fibroids also line the cavity of the uterus making it impossible to properly implant in the uterus.

3. If you have fibroids, you must have surgery (hysterectomy)

Today because of advances in medical sciences we have a number of alternatives for fibroids treatment. Nowadays fibroids symptoms can be treated with medicine, there are lesser surgical procedure than removing uterus entirely.

The risk associated with hysterectomy are significant as there are 1000 deaths from blood loss or surgical complications. That’s why woman who gets a recommendation for a hysterectomy should seek a second opinion. One of the less non-surgical procedure is known as Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), which allows women to keep their uterus.

4. Fibroids always comes with symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding and pain.

As per the research 50-80% of women with fibroids will not experience fibroids symptoms at all. Many women with asymptomatic fibroids never even know that they have developed fibroids. Since fibroid tumors are almost always benign, women who won’t experience any symptoms skip fibroids treatment.

5. Uterus is no longer important once you have children

Previously it was thought that once women bore the children, their womb become an unnecessary and dispensable organ. But as per the recent study uterus is a biologically active organ which interacts with other vital organs like ovaries in ways that yet to be understood.

6. Fibroids grow forever

It’s important to understand that fibroids grow with estrogen stimulation. That’s the reason why they grow during pregnancy. And because of similar reasons they won’t pose an issue for women in menopause. With menopause the fibroids will start to die off naturally.

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